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Get a 30 days license, you can use EassosRecovery with full functions for 30 days.
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Get a Permanent license, you can use EassosRecovery with full functions forever.
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Any blogger / journalist / maven who are willing to write us up (an honest and neutral review for EassosRecovery is the best) in return for a license is highly appreciated. We would like to offer you a license for EassosRecovery, FREE of Charge, as long as the link of the blog which displays the blurb or introduction is submitted to sales@eassos.com. It will facilitate the further evaluation of EassosRecovery properly.


EassosRecovery is a shareware, you can download and try it free, without a license you can only recover files less than or equal to 64 KB in size, in addition you can not recover partitions. After ordered a license, you can remove these two limits.
Your contribution will help EassosRecovery better, thank you!