Recover Files From Partition

While a partition was accidentally formatted or destroyed it might become inaccessible. When this happened you can use CuteRecovery to recover the partition and its files.

To start recovering files from a partition, click the "Recover Files From Partition" button on the main screen of CuteRecovery as the following:

Whole Partition File Recovery - Start Wizard

Then CuteRecovery will open the first step of the wizard of "Recover Files From Partition". As you can see on this screen, this wizard will direct you through 5 steps for this recovery operation. They are: "1. Select Partition", "2. Scan Files", "3. Select Files to Recover", "4. Select Target Folder" and "5. Save Recovered Files"

Whole Partition File Recovery - All Steps

Now click the icon of the drive from which you want to recover files on the left panel. The general information of the selected drive will be shown on the right panel.

Whole Partition File Recovery - Select a Partition

If the selected drive is the one you want to recover, then click the "Next" button. CuteRecovery will take you into the next wizard step - "Scan Files":

Whole Partition File Recovery - Scan Files

While scanning finished, CuteRecovery will display the searching result on the Step 3 - "Select Files to Recover". At this point, all the files found are listed like Windows Explorer. Each file and folder has a checkbox on the left. Now you should select the files and folders which to be recovered and then click the "Next" button. If you click on an image file(such as ".jpg", ".bmp", ".gif", ".png", ".tiff", ".nef", etc.) or a text file(such as ".txt", ".htm", ".asp", ".ini", etc.), the preview panel will show a preview of the highlighted file. This is a good way to check whether the file could be recovered.

Whole Partition File Recovery - Search Result and Select Files

You can filter files by set the name pattern, file attribute, file size and times. Set your options and then click the "Refresh" button.

CuteRecovery provide two ways to copy out the recovered files. The one is by context menu. After selecting the files and folders to be copied, right click the mouse button, a context menu will popup. Then select a menu item and set target folder to start copying. For more details, please refer to "Copy Files by Context Menu".

Another way to copy out recovered files is by the wizard. After selecting the files and folders to copy, click the "Next" button. CuteRecovery will take you into the next step - "Select Target Folder", shown as below:

Whole Partition File Recovery - Set Destination folder

Click "Browse" button to select a target folder. To prevent secondary destruction, please do not set the target folder to the partition which is recovering files.

Whole Partition File Recovery - Select Folder

Before copying, you can set other copying options. The one is about overwriting. When there are same named files exist on the target folder, the program will do corresponding operations according to your settings.

    "Prompt" - When target file existing, ask user to select an operation mode.
    "Overwrite automatically" - When target file existing, overwrite it automatically with the new one, no asking.
    "Skip it" - When target file existing, skip it automatically, do not copy and no asking.
    "Rename automatically" - When target file existing, rename the new file automatically, keep the existing file no changed, no asking.

In addition, when the "Cancel file checking state after it was copied" checkbox is selected (by default), the file checking state on previous step("Select Files to Recover") will be cleared after it is copied successfully. When you backward to the "Select Files to Recover" step, you can see the new checking state.

Click the "Next" button to start file copying. While you set the target folder to the partition which is recovering files, CuteRecovery will popup the following warning message:

Whole Partition File Recovery - Target Folder Warning

Please select another target folder.

The 5th step - "Save Recovered Files" is shown as the following.

Whole Partition File Recovery - Save Files

File copying completed:

Whole Partition File Recovery - Files Saved

When file copying finished, the "Stop" button will disappear and "Details" button will be shown. You can click the "Details" button to display a "File Copy Report", and then click "Save" to save the copy report into a text file.

Whole Partition File Recovery - File Copy Report